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Dotnetos Essentials is a new, free for all course and it's everything that makes Dotnetos - Dotnetos. 3 of our courses: Async Expert, Diagnostics Expert and C# 9.0 Professional combined together to give you a very spicy experience!

The most important and most interesting lessons from all of our courses will be available for you for a whole month, for FREE! This way you can try all of our products with no risk. You were never sure if the particular course is for you? You're not a fan of buying before trying? Now's your chance! Sign up with the link on this website and you will be automatically enrolled to our Academy to try every single one of our courses - for a period of 1 month, all at no cost. In this time you can enjoy your free lessons!

And that's not all, it's only the beginning! Dotnetos Essentials is a place where we will give you various free content that will help you learn and develop your skills. More demos from our future courses are coming, as well as some surprises! Subscribe so you won't miss any news! Remember - everything here will always be FREE!

Course agenda


Async Expert

  1. Async Eliding - have you ever wondered if async is required in your Task returning method?
  2. IAsyncEnumerable - the new shiny asynchronous streams
  3. ConcurrentStack - mind-blowing internals for high-level use cases

.NET Diagnostics Expert

  1. Containerized processes - monitor applications in Docker containers
  2. Network trace providers in .NET applications - trace network traffic with .NET network providers
  3. Production debugging - summary of various production-ready tools and methods

C# 9.0 Professional

  1. Pattern matching - Use cases - elaborate and show when pattern matching is powerful
  2. Function pointers - low-level, fancy stuff you can use in unsafe context
  3. New features for partial methods - the power of new partial methods for Source Generators

What do I get?

💚 Free access to Dotnetos Essentials course - 1 month free access to most interesting parts of all of our courses: Async Expert, .NET Diagnostics Expert and C# 9.0 Professional.

💚 Surprises! - Subscribe to Dotnetos Essentials and you can expect not only 3 courses: more exciting things are coming! New free courses, interesting information sent straight to your mail... And more!

About Dotnetos


We help build correct, robust and efficient .NET solutions.

Our mission is to help companies build correct, robust and efficient .NET solutions. We do it by uplifting engineering skills to the level of .NET experts. At the same time, we provide our Partners with opportunities to engage the outstanding engineering audience in a friendly, non invasive way.


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